Polycarboxylate high performance superplasticizer (powder)

2019-08-28 16:54:18

Polycarboxylate high performance superplasticizer (powder):

This product is a kind of powdery Polycarboxylate high performance superplasticizer made by a new process. It has excellent comprehensive index, good dispersibility, high water reduction rate, good adaptability to various cements, and no pollution in green. A high performance environmentally friendly product

Main physical and chemical indicators:

◎ Appearance: gray white powder

◎ Moisture content <3%, gas content 1.0-2.0%, PH value (20〫20% solution) 6-8


◎ The powder parameter of this product is 0.16-0.3% of the total amount of cementitious material, and the water reduction rate is >25%.

◎ This product does not contain harmful components and has no pollution to the environment.

◎ No chlorine, low alkali.

Scope of application:

◎This product is mainly used in premixed dry mortar and unshaped refractory materials, including cement-based non-shrinkage self-leveling materials, cement-based non-shrinkage grouting materials, pore pressure grout, emery wear-resistant floor, etc.; For high fluidity self-compacting concrete.

Packaging transportation and storage:

◎ Cardboard drum packaging: 25KG / barrel

◎ Powder has a certain degree of moisture return, should be sealed and stored, and keep the surrounding environment dry and ventilated. Do not exceed 40 ℃, do not oversize.


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