Early Strength Type Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer

2019-06-14 15:58:25

Early strength type polycarboxylate superplasticizer has the characteristics of high water reduction, high moisture retention, high reinforcement, low dosage, good cement adaptability, etc. It is suitable for formulating commercial concrete, high strength concrete, fluid concrete, self-compacting concrete. Precast concrete and large admixture concrete.

Technical performance and characteristics

1. This product is light brown red, brown yellow or colorless transparent liquid. The product is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, extremely low in alkali content, free of chloride ions, and solid content is (12%-30%) ±1.
2. The plasticizing function is strong, which can increase the concrete slump from 3-7cm to over 20cm, and the water retention, cohesiveness and pumpability are significantly improved.
3, High security, concrete 1-2h slump is basically no loss, and is almost unaffected by temperature changes.
4, High early strength and high reinforcement, concrete 1d compressive strength ratio ≥180%, concrete 3d compressive strength ratio ≥170%, 28d compressive strength ratio ≥140%.
5. It has good applicability to cement and is suitable for different types of cement. It is especially suitable for the preparation of high-strength, self-compacting and high-performance concrete with fly ash, slag and other active admixtures.
6, There is a certain air entrainment, concrete gas content 2% -4%, concrete anti-bleeding, anti-segregation performance. Concrete pumping resistance is small, easy to transport.

The method of use:

1. The actual dosage should be determined by trial and error. 25% of the solid content is usually 0.7%-1.5%, and the 12% content is 1.5%-2.5%. When high-strength concrete is prepared, the dosage can be appropriately increased.
2. This product should not be compounded with naphthalene-based water reducing agent. When used with other admixtures, concrete compatibility test should be carried out.

Packaging and storage:

1. Packed in 200kg-1000kg drums or tank trucks.
2. Stored in clean plastic, glass steel or stainless steel containers, should not be stored in iron containers. Avoid rain and moisture evaporation to prevent exposure and frost.

3. The product shelf life is 1 year, and it can be used continuously after passing the inspection.


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