Special foam concrete porous aerogel particles

2019-01-14 14:12:55

  Nano silica, the nano leading product, is developed independently. The production of size, structure, and specific surface area are controllable. It has a small particle size, pore, more unsaturated residual state, large particular surface area, surface, and different bonding states of hydroxyl more features. According to their different particle structure, those products are divided into two major categories: more microgroove and the spherical type. By transmission electron microscopy (sem) observation, you can see nano-silica distributes in particle size and narrow particle size; By the BET method, specific surface area of nano-silica can be tested and analyzed; by the infrared spectrum analysis, there are a lot of nano-silica surface hydroxyl and unsaturated residual keys, and deviation from the silica structure of the steady-state; The Cary - 5 e spectrophotometer testing, nano-silica on, long wave in the ultraviolet and visible light have a high albedo; Omnisorp100CX surface and porosity analyzer test than the surface of the microgroove nano silica-containing many nanoscale pores, the pore rate of 0.611 ml/g. According to customer's requirement, the preparation of different particle size and specific surface area and various forms of nanometer silicon oxide series products can be processed. It can make original material performance improved significantly, and has a broad application prospect in many fields of industry.

Product features

      1, white powder, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, excellent chemical stability

  2, small size, large surface area, strong hydrophilicity

  3, superior dispersibility, suspended, thixotropy

  4, improve the adhesion of coatings, flatness, scrub resistance, scratch resistance, aging resistance performance

  5, improve the strength, toughness and water permeability of plastic materials

  6, improve the adhesive bond strength

  7, improve the spinning performance of textiles and textile finishing of extinction, improvement of the action such as touch.

  8, high specific surface area with excellent adsorption performance

Technical parameters:

Name (many microporous particles)
the average particle size (nm)
specific surface area (m2/g)
purity (%)
1100 + 100


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