Foam concrete silica aerogel particles

2019-01-11 11:33:45

1. Product description:

Tongrun aerogel powder particles refer to the aerogel particles with nanometer pore structure silica. The product not only has excellent heat insulation performance, good sound insulation resistance, strong adsorption, green environmental protection, flame retardant abhorred excellent properties such as water, but also has low density, small aperture, high specific surface area and porosity, which can be used in the structure of the heat preservation equipment interlining, fill layer and composite layer, etc.

2 Product performance:

  1) excellent heat preservation and heat insulation performance.

  2) highly hydrophobic.

  3) an extremely low density.

  4) excellent sound insulation resistance.

  5) green environmental protection.

3 Product application:

  1) petrochemical pipeline heat preservation and heat insulation of the fillers.

  2) packing clothes.

  3) insulation foam plank packing.

  4) alternative gas phase silica used as all kinds of packing.

  5) suitable for manufacturing water-based aerogel slurry, add in water-based paint made in all types of heat preservation and heat insulation coating.

  6) can instead of pigments and fillers added in powder coatings.

  7) can be used as the oceans, lakes, and other water oil pollution detergent.

  8) can be added in the foaming PVC made sound insulation board used for building materials (20%).

  4 product data:

4 product data:
Product model
Tongrun-sio2 Testing standard
Specific surface area(m2/g)
≥600 GB/T 19587-2004
Packing density(kg/m3)
≤80 GB/T 5211.4-1985
Thermal conductivity (25℃)W/(m·K)
ISO 22007-2-2008
porosity (%) 90~95
Skeleton density estimation method
The aperture (nm) 20~50
Nitrogen adsorption stripping
Particle sizem) 15~50
GB/T 19077-2016
Surface properties hydrophobic GB/T 30693-2014

5 Operation precautions:

  Please do not inhale the dust. Suggest install it in a place where it is easy to produce dust exhaust equipment. Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes, and it is recommended to use gloves, masks, goggles, and other protective facilities.

6 Storage:

  Keep the packing sealed and stored in a dry and ventilated place. Please do not place it with other volatile chemical material to avoid aerogels absorbing the material.


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